In 2022, the founders of  Zarif Film  and  Zarif;

Founded in Istanbul by Architect Zeynep Betül Süleyman and Photographer Faruk Süleyman, for  pret-a-couture and haute couture

It is a brand new Bridal Concept Studio  with collections and products tailored to the needs of brides during the marriage process


House of Elegant minimal wedding dresses, wedding dresses and special occasion dresses are at HoZ Bridal Concept Studio  ; in the marriage process 

From wedding rings to invitations, from shoes to  bridal bouquets, you can find collection products with every detail designed in the same sophisticated and elegant line.


The basic design policy of the brand; With fabrics carefully selected for women all over the world,   “ Less is more! ” line  is to create timeless designs. 

Brand designs are inspired by the schools of architecture and art. 


design philosophy;   is to create an unforgettable,  sophisticated and timeless female silhouette with its elegance, far from exaggerated ornaments .

' An architect must know the people who will live in the house he is going to design, the rest will come after he has fully grasped their needs .' 

This quote by Mies Van Der Rohe actually constitutes the cornerstone of House of Zarif.


With nearly 10 years of wedding photography experience and thousands of accompanying bride stories; We know all the needs of brides for that most special day. 

'Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication'

We are very excited to bring you our refined tastes and carefully selected selections of elegant accessories, as well as all complementary products prepared in the same line.


We think that every bride has a different soul and  should be accompanied by a wedding dress that will express her soul in the  most special day of her life.

 'Less is more'

Minimal products designed according to the principle of less and less  are completed with a studio where timeless elegance is at the forefront and you will always feel special and peaceful.

Each wedding dress has a different story and a character,  all you have to do is knock on the door of our studio to decide which one will be the leading role in your story  !


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