+ Why should I make an appointment?

Our consultants provide personalized advice from wedding dress selection to accessories, veils or shoes at our appointment time, which is specially planned for you. Therefore, we work by appointment for a comfortable shopping experience.

+ How long before the wedding does you suggest I make a wedding dress appointment?

Our delivery time is 15-20 working days. We recommend that you make an appointment at least 2 months before your wedding due to the risk of busyness during the season.

+ How many times does it need to be rehearsed?

After your measurements are taken, we can deliver with a single proof.

+ What should I bring to the appointment?

First of all, if you plan to use a corset, we recommend that you come with the corset that you will definitely use.

Bringing your underwear with you according to the dress you want to wear is important for the correct measurement.

It will also be useful for the correct size size to come by determining the heel size you plan to wear.

+ Who can I go on a date with?

Due to the pandemic conditions, we recommend that you bring up to 2 people with you.

+ Is one appointment enough for all my needs?

Yes, during your visit to the showroom, you can check out all our collections from wedding dress selection to shoe models. We recommend that you specify the collections you are interested in during the appointment.

+ What is your price range in your wedding dresses?

Investment models start at 4000 TL

+ How do I create a Order?

You can create your order in two ways.

You can create an appointment to buy at the House of Zarif Showroom in Harbiye, Istanbul.

After you try our desired models during your appointment, after deciding on the model you like, your measurements are taken and we start the preparation process of the selected model specific to your measurements.

If you wish to deliver showroom, we deliver it to your address by cargo if you wish.

You can make your appointment online.

After you create your order from our website and make your payment, our customer representative will contact you with your order information to plan your online appointment date.

During our online appointment, which will take place on video, all your necessary sizes are taken, so you need to have someone and tape measure to help you with the measurements during the interview.

After our interview, we start the preparation process for the model you purchased specific to your dimensions. If you wish to deliver showroom, we deliver it to your address by cargo if you wish.

+ What are your shipping options and are we the shipping cost?

The cargo price in Turkey belongs to House of Zarif.

All your orders in Turkey are shipped by Speed Cargo.

When your order is delivered to the cargo, an informational message is sent to the phone you shared during the order.

Your package is delivered to your address within 3-15 working days after delivery to the contracted cargo in Turkey.

The overseas shipping price belongs to the order holder. Shipping payment is included when completing the order.

Since customs duties will vary by country, you will be notified by the intermediary cargo authority or e-mail when your package arrives in your country. The amount of customs duty you must pay will be written in this informational e-mails.

The cost of shipping abroad varies according to the country to be shipped.

During the delivery of the products to the Buyer, House of Zarif cannot be held responsible for problems arising from the cargo company during the late delivery or failure of the ordered products to the Buyer by the cargo company .

In case of requests for shipment by private courier with same-day delivery in Istanbul, the courier price belongs to the buyer.

Customers who want to receive VIP Courier Delivery service can get information from our contact line 0553 777 34 17.

+ Are customs duties and duties ours?

House of Zarif is not responsible for any extra payments, including any customs duties, transaction fees or any other charges that may occur on international cargo.

Payment of these amounts will be necessary for your order to be released from the customs reached, depending on which country the delivery was made to.

This means that no foreign shipping tax and customs duties are included in the price shown on the checkout screen of your order.

Since these fees are set directly by local customs, we cannot inform you of the exact amount of Tax or Customs Duties that your cargo will generate.

+ How many days is your order delivery time?

Your order is tailored to you on an average of 10 working days, except for force majeure reasons after your measurements are taken.

+ Can I return it?

You have 7 days as of the date of delivery to request a refund.

There is absolutely no right to return for products prepared in accordance with buyer's wishes and/or explicitly in line with his personal needs, dimensions, color choices, etc.

You will need to email our [email protected] address before returning your refundable products to us, and then you will receive an email with exchange instructions.

Do not return anything without contacting House of Zarif, as this will cause the processing time to be extended. We do not offer a free return service in the absence of defective products.

Please note that you are responsible for the cargo until the returned products arrive in our hands.

Products ordered from House of Zarif's online whatsapp store can also be changed from our store in Istanbul but are non-refundable.

+ How do I pay at House of Zarif?

The credit cards of all banks serving Turkey are valid at House of Zarif.

If you wish, you can also make your payment by bank transfer.

After you make your transfer, your order will be processed much more quickly if you inform us via phone number or e-mail of the customer services on the contact page.

You can contact our whatsapp support line +90 553 777 34 17 for our Bank Transfer/EFT information.

+ In what currency is it paid?

TL prices apply to Turkish citizens living in Turkey.

You can pay in Euros or Dollars depending on your country.

+ How can I contact you? 

+ Are veils and hair accessories included in the bridal price?

No wedding dress is not included in the price.

You can find the price information and full details of our veil and accessory models from the link.

+ Do you work plus size?

Yes, it works with a 15% wage difference in the size range of 44 -52.

+ Can you work in a different color than white?

We have different color alternatives for each model. You can contact our support right for suitable color and fabric options.

+ How do I access the invitation collection?

All invitation designs can be found in our online store or at the House of Elegant Showroom.

+ How do I get to the shoe collection?

You can reach our collection from the link, there is no return on our products. There is only a one-time exchange option. You can exercise your right to change at any time within 3 months of the product you want to exchange.

+ How to measure the wedding ring?

The wedding ring measure is taken personally. After you create your order from our website and make your payment, your customer representative will contact you about the online measure After our meeting, we start the preparation process specific to your measurements of the model you purchased. Customer-specific refurbished products and special customer orders cannot be returned or changed.

+ How do I order bridal bouquets?

You can ensure that your bridal flower retains its grandeur at your wedding for a long time with an artificial bridal bouquet. You can also buy it from the showroom on our website.

There is absolutely no right to return the artificial bridal bouquet in the collection

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